2020s – Age of the Impossible

The last decade proved the unthinkable; technology became baked into our lives and lifestyles. From the phones we carry in our pockets, to the cars we drive. Technology is literally everywhere. Now our wristwatches can monitor our health, our refrigerators can order our groceries, our can even drive on their own (self-driving). All of these things became possible within the last 10 years. This leaves the questions, what more can be achieved, is there such a thing as impossible? This new decade will answer all these questions and more.

There is so much new technology to get excited for in the next few years. We all know about Netflix and other video streaming platforms, that is old tech. What about streaming high quality, graphic intense games? In 2019 Google launched Stadia, a cloud gaming service capable of streaming videos up the 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.

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In the coming years it would be interesting to what could be possible it this streaming technology.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation is a field of research that aims to enhance human abilities through medicine or technology. This has historically been achieved by consuming chemical substances that improve a selected ability or by installing implants which require medical operations. This new decade will definitely bring new and improved technology that will enhance and push the limits of what the human body can possibly do. In 2018 American biophysicist, Hugh herr spoke about how we will become cyborgs and extend human potential. Now with advancements In technology and the worlds greatest minds working in this field, maybe one day super- cyborgs can exist.

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There is a whole lot more to be excited for, according to an article on Forbes, there will be commercially deployed self-flying vehicles at scale, aimed at both cargo and personnel transport. In the military, robotic aircraft that can engage in air-to-air combat will be fielded experimentally. Self- driving vehicles will become commonplace in the US. Quantum computers will finally be usable for an initial set of practical applications—material sciences and chemistry will be major beneficiaries of this technology. 5G cell technologies will be widely and globally deployed through the 2020s and 6G will be next in development can should be available nearing the end of the decade.

While I am not exactly sure on what other new technologies will arise and that we will have to wait to see how the decade unfolds, I am sure that it will definitely be another breathing taking 10 years of growth, development and innovation. I for one am certainly excited to see what this future hold and how much we are about to accomplish.

Are you all excited as I am for the next 10 years of technology? What are you most excited about? Comment your thoughts and opinions below.

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