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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Apple announced their new line of flagship smartphones on October 13th, 2020. Many are already calling these the best iPhones the company has ever created, from the re-design to the new and improved A-14 bionic processor powering these devices and all the software and hardware features that this new line has to offer. Even though they excluded basic chargers or headphones in the box, its hard to deny that Apple really did it this year with the 12 line. These devices are more capable than they have ever been before. The new iPhones finally joined in on the 5G trend and it was a huge talking point at the event. In Apple's word, "5G just got real". What does it mean? We are all yet to know. However, we are more than excited to see the new technology brought to the iPhones.

Image source: EverythingApple Pro, YouTube

Apple introduced the use of a lidar sensor on the pro models as part of the new camera system. This is expected to yield higher gains especially in AR, 3D scanning and also in low-light and portrait photography. Lidar is new depth-sensing technology that uses light pulses that pings off objects and returns to the source of the laser, depth is calculated by measuring the time taken for the light pulses to travel. This enhances the depth-sensing and auto-focusing capabilities especially in low-light photography and videography.

Apple decided to bring back Magsafe, but this time on the iPhone to allow for magnetic wireless charging. It is a new way of charging the iPhone without the use of the lightning cable being plugged in. Yes, Apple still didn't introduce USB-C on these new line of iPhones. What a shame. Many believe that they never would and instead would opt for a port less device in future. Magsafe allows for the use of numerous attachment accessories such as wallets and cases. However, in many of the test, it doesn't seem like the wallets were a good idea as the magnets aren't necessarily strong enough.

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All in all this new line of iPhones are incredible and it shows why are true leaders in the smartphone industry. They are never afraid the push the boundaries and make interesting devices.

What are you thoughts on the new iPhone 12 lines up? Are they the best iPhones ever made?

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