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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

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WhatsApp and the issue of its updated privacy policy have been all over the news in recent days. The company announced via a new software update that they will be collecting and sharing their user's personal data with Facebook and other third-party promoters. This move angered many WhatsApp users as they were left with no choice but to accept the new policy or else they would no longer be able to continue using the service.

Social media quickly became flooded with the cries of broken-hearted diehard Whatsapp users who were distraught by this news. The turmoil caught the attention of the newly crowned richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, who proceeded to slam the company for the new policy and later also suggested that people use the Signal app instead.

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Signal is a fairly new messaging app that takes user security and data integrity to a whole new level. It does this by providing end-to-end data encryption. This means that you are able to send media files from one person to the next without any man-in-the-middle interference, not even from the company itself. This is very impressive as the app allows you to do all the things that Whatsapp and many other messaging apps do but with the added benefit of an extra layer of privacy, data security, and peace of mind. Who wouldn't like that?

Does this mean that you should ditch WhatsApp altogether?

Remember Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and so are Instagram and Messenger. The new update according to Whatsapp is geared towards creating a more seamless integration between Facebook's many services. Therefore if you are a user of all these services and you don't really mind the terms of the new policy then by all means keep using it. However, if you value your privacy I suggest you find an alternative like Signal.

What are your thoughts on the new privacy policy and Signal? Leave a comment below!

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