Google Pixel 5 wirelessly charging through Aluminum back?

The Google pixel 5 is finally official. Last week google hosted its annual launch event where it announced and gave details on its soon to be released smart devices. The stand-out and the highlight of the event was without a doubt the new pixel 5. This new pixel is not the high-end Pixel we were expecting, but it is a compelling mid-range option. Google is going back to basics with the Pixel 5, ditching higher-end features like face recognition and the quirky Motion Sense gestures. This year they are focusing on providing what is important. A more affordable 5G phone with some flagship-level features, great camera experience, smaller-than-typical size, quality software and guaranteed updates and amazing build quality.

image courtesy android central.

The new pixel five can charge wirelessly and also reverse wireless charge. But how? Google has left many asking how they managed to provide wireless charging on the pixel 5 given the build materials. Traditionally, in order to achieve wireless charging the build materials used would have to be glass or polycarbonate. However, somehow Google has managed to do it through aluminum. According to an article on Forbes, metal and electricity don’t really play well together for an object you’re holding in your hand. So how exactly did they do it?

According to Android Authority, although it’s true that the phone has an aluminum body, it’s not just aluminum. Google is using another layer that sits directly on top. They are calling the material bio-resin, it is just a sophisticated way of saying its plastic. The use of this bio-resin allowed google to cut a hole into the aluminum back where the charging coil would fit. It enabled a charge to flow in both directions safely.

image curtesy computerworld.

This piece of innovative designing by Google would have found a way to bring a very popular feature like wireless charging to phones/devices made of metal. Does this mean that we will see other companies copy Google’s trick in order to provide more durable devices?

Google has really put together a great formula with this years’ line-up. Give your thoughts on Google’s new devices in the comments!

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