Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Updated: Feb 7

It has been a few months since we got Google's 2021 smartphone entries and it is not a secrete that Google delivered. These new Pixels have been the talk of the town for quite some time and there has been so much hype around these devices. Many believe that this is it, they finally delivered on the promise made years ago when Google first announced their entry into the smartphone industry. In order to understand why these devices are so praised we need to take a look at the history of the pixel. The Google Pixel was always seen as the device that had the capability of going 'toe-to-toe' with Apple's iPhone, Unfortunately, that was never the case, past Pixel devices have been somewhat underwhelming, to say the least. While they undoubtedly pioneered so many innovative smartphone technologies with their mind-blowingly superior Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, they just never really delivered a complete smartphone experience, as they always seemed to come up short in so many categories(bad displays, horrible battery life, silly design choices, less than premium build quality, and subpar hardware specs). Google just never seemed to put any real effort into making these devices, until now. The Pixel 6 and 6 pro are not just hype, they are priced perfectly and deliver everything you need in a smartphone, they are the real deal, pun intended. For the first time, the Pixel comes with a custom SOC, designed by Google and built by Samsung. Gone are the days for outsourcing expensive chipsets from Qualcomm that held the Pixel back in the areas where they wanted to excel. This new in-house Soc allows Google to have absolute control over what is included with these devices, giving them complete control over every aspect of the phone. The goal of Google's Tensor, which is what they are calling it, is not power, as with other Soc manufacturers, but rather intelligence. Google again does something that has worked for them in the past, using AI and ML to drastically reimagine processing technologies. Make no mistake, Tensor can hold its own against both Apple's A14 Bionic and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 in terms of raw power, and the benchmarks are there to prove. The Pixel 6 is just as fast as other high-end devices, but where they excel is in how intelligent these devices are, and how efficient and reliable they are at performing these feats of intelligence. At the Pixel 6 event, Google went on about the Pixel 6's live translation ability that had everyone's jaws on the floor when they saw how well this feature worked. Take a look at the live translation demo below! Camera performance is one of the most important features on smartphones, and Pixel camera stills have been the gold standard for quite some time. The Google Pixel arguably ushered in a new era of smartphone photography with their introduction of computational photography, which brought so many groundbreaking features like night mode, astrophotography, portrait mode and so much more. They single-handedly changed the way we shoot on our smartphones with the use of the software. This iteration of the Pixel adds to the success of past camera systems with improved hardware and a few new camera software tricks. Images from the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are as amazing as we expected with excellent dynamic range, colors, and details thanks to the new 50mp main sensor. Shots still have that signature Contrasty Pixel look that we all know and love. One of the many benefits of having these larger sensors is the natural background blur. The images from both the main and telephoto lens provide some beautiful natural background separation. Magic eraser is one of the added camera features on this iteration that allows users to remove unwanted objects in an image. It works as intended at least 90 percent of the time and it is a cool way to get rid of photobombers.

video performance on past Pixel devices has always been their Achilles heel, terrible dynamic range, lack of detail, and surprisingly poor stabilization. With the introduction of Tensor, Google has brought some of its image processing strengths over to video, and that coupled with the better sensor allows for massive gains in that department. The dynamic range, detail, stabilization have all improved exponentially and are now up there with that of the iPhone 13 and the Galaxy S21 series. The entire smartphone experience this time around is a huge improvement over their past devices and with this new standout design, custom silicone, improved hardware, and software, the sky is the limit for the Pixel 6 series. I cant wait to see what sales numbers for the Pixel will look like this year and couldn't be more excited to see what the next generation will bring to the table.

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