Pixel 6 is on it's way. They are back in a big way!

Updated: Feb 7

As per usual Pixel phone images have already started to leak and this time there is a lot to be excited for. It seems as though Google is taking the Pixel serious again and we couldn't be more delighted. The latest leakes depict a very distinct looking device with multiple cameras this time around.

There will be multiple models this year, a regular Pixel and a pro. This is a huge step up from last year, with the budget, less premium Pixel we got. The regular Pixel seeems to be sporting a dual camera system while the pro model comes with a triple camera setup which is greatly appreciated. This new camera system is likely to be an industry leading one. The Pixel's achilles heel has always been its mediocre hardware and design however the company seems to have learned from their past mistakes. These new Pixels will more than likely come with better camera sensors compared to past iterations. Google's computational photography combined with new camera hardware could create serious problems for the competition.

Check out the first impressiosns below.

Google is reportedly working with Samsung on a custom chip for Pixel and possibly Pixelbook devices. These new microprocessors could be present on the new Pixel 6. This would allow for google to have absolute control over what is included with these devices, giving them compete control over every aspect of the phone. In the past google relied heavily on Qualcomm to provide the framework that determines what the Pixel can do. These include things like fast-charging capabilities, 5G, biometrics, artificial intelligence and different camera functions. With an in-house custom SoC, Google will be able to directly compete with Apple in that both these companies would be the only companies to have complete control over the production of their devices.

It's really interesting to see what the Pixel will be capable of coming this fall.

What do you think of the new pixel 6? leave your comments below.

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