Samsung Galaxy S21 vs iPhone 12! Sorry, Apple.

New prices, new features, and a stellar new design that can make any Apple lover switch sides. Samsung has started the new year with an absolute banger. The latest galaxy S21 is all the phone we've been waiting for, and so much more.

But have they done enough to beat apple this round?

Samsung slashed the prices on each of their new devices by two hundred dollars ($200). A move that we gladly welcome. While the price cut was a great strategy, the company still faces serious competition from the iPhone and other high-end Android devices that are similarly priced.

Both the entry-level Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12 launched at the $800 price point however, with the S21 you are blessed with 128Gb of internal storage while you only get 64Gb on the iPhone. If you're looking to upgrade the storage on the iPhone, you're looking at an additional $50. Samsung definitely takes the win here.

Camera performance is one of the most important features on smartphones, and these two companies have consistently offered some of the most amazing camera experiences on any smart device. This is no different here on these phones. Both cameras are capable of producing high-quality stills in almost every shooting scenario thanks in part to superior computational photography algorithms. The win can go either way in this category; it all depends on user preferences. The only differences being in color temperature, skin tones, and dynamic range. Regardless of which device you choose for your photographs, you will no doubt get mind-blowingly good images.

In the video, while the Galaxy has superior hardware, the iPhone still manages to outperform it as it produces more balanced results with better dynamic range and color reproduction. The iPhone also performs better in lower light scenarios with better stabilization, more detail, and a lot less noise. To sum this up, the iPhone 12 has a better video camera.

Check out Camera comparison: Galaxy S21 vs. iPhone 12.

It is also important to note how Samsung was able to get the prices down from $1000 on the previous variant; to $800 on this new model. It didn't come without making sacrifices and tough decisions. Samsung took the Apple route this year, by that I mean they took the charging brick out the box, along with AKG wired headphones that have accompanied their previous flagships. There is also no longer support for expandable storage via microSD. At least they offer more than 64Gb as the base storage. Thank you, Samsung!

Another major change, and one that sparked controversy, is the swap from glass to plastic for the back panel on the entry-level S21. Many people don't believe that plastic should be a material used on premium devices, while others don't seem to mind, as it increases the durability of the device while maintaining the same look.

Even with all the cuts and changes, Samsung still managed to release a device that is able to stand out in a sea of smartphones that all look alike. They surprised us with one of the most most beautiful and innovative hardware designs I have ever seen and topped it off with incredible software. While the iPhone 12 was hit last year and is by no means a bad device, it is no match for the Samsung Galaxy S21. This device is a true "value-for-dollar champ", and will definitely set the tone for smartphones in 2021.

What are your thoughts about these devices? Do you like the new camera design on the S21?

Leave your questions and comments below.

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