Your WhatsApp Numbers can be found with Google search?

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Following the backlash that WhatsApp received recently concerning their upcoming privacy policy update, the company is yet again in the spotlight, headlining numerous tech news stories across the world.

It was reported that WhatsApp has allegedly released sensitive information on persons who use the WhatsApp Web platform. This information is said to have been available with a simple google search. Sources claim that it occurred as a result of indexing, hence the reason it was only users of the WhatsApp Web platform that were affected. WhatsApp is a mobile application, however, there is also a web-based version for those that feel inclined to use it.

Cybersecurity researcher, Rajshekhar Rajaharia posted photos showing the indexing of mobile phone numbers on google.

"The leak is happening via WhatsApp on Web. If someone is using WhatsApp on a laptop or on an office PC, the mobile numbers are being indexed on Google Search. These are mobile numbers of individual users, not business numbers," Rajaharia said.

This all seems like a neverending series of unfortunate events for the company. Their features in the news lately have all been far from what they would like and they have taken a significant hit. It was reported that many users have shunned WhatsApp and moved over to either Telegram or Signal. Sensor Tower, a data analytics company revealed that 100,000 users downloaded Signal and Telegram downloads rose by 2.2 million.

It will be very interesting to see how WhatsApp will manage to slither out of this one, that is presuming they can.

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